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October 29, 2008


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The Glamorous Life

Great Truck.

I have always wanted a nice neighbor with a good reliable truck. Actually the neighbor doesn't have to be THAT nice. Just as long as I can borrow the truck to go garage sailing. Yeah- that is the kind of sailing we do in this part of the OC.



Sweet truck. In college you were a wanted man if you owned a truck. Not because it was stylish, but come the first of the month, MOVING DAY. I had a Chevy Luv truck back in the day. My dad pasted that one onto me too. Many, many good memories. I vaguely remember a trip to SD for a Charger game. Ride back was a little fuzzy.

Suz Broughton @ Alive in Wonderland

You know how I LOVE old trucks?! This one is a beauty.

Nettie Christensen

Wow! That one is a good old truck. I really think it is ideal to drive in the wheat fields. Its spacious back will even be a good place to store and transport items needed in the farm. =)

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