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October 20, 2008


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Well you look great doing it! And that dog does look mildly sinister, I have to say.

The Glamorous Life

THAT is what you look like cleaning up bodily functions????? Talk about GLAMOROUS!!!


And yes, I will go buy this product to support husbands company- and maybe he will get you the gold lame apron you NEED.

Thanks for coming to my party. Watch out for Mr. Linky is a little drunk and hitting on all the bloggers. :)


You really ARE glamorous! You do not want to know what I look like cleaning up cat poop. Of course, it's hard to look good in a HazMat suit.
I'm going to look up this product you are NOT endorsing. It sounds like a match for our household. :)


Ultra-glam! Poise amidst the poop? That's seriously impressive.

Sweet Mummy

Spot Shot is awesome! I concur! You look VERY glamorous cleaning up this stain, too. Did you plan that? LOL!!!


That dog is planning something...

I wish I could use products like that, but the chemicals make me ill...sigh...

Shade and Sweetwater,

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