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October 14, 2008


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The Glamorous Life

I too wear Lucky jeans. And love them.

Once I created a denium jean line called Suzelle. And I created a whole life for Ms. Suzelle. Our whole marketing campagain was about how Ms. Suzelle loved to travel and drink cocktails at any hour of the day. And we had silly tags like these too.

And then the Nordstrom buyer asked us to create a 'mommy friendly' jean. Now I was all of 26 at the time...so this 'mommy thing' was weird to me. But I put the designers on it. Higher waisted. Higher rise. More generous in the hips....and then I had to write a silly tag for it. So I wrote. "Ms. Suzelle fell in love. With her man. With her children and finally with herself". The jeans sold like hotcakes. We sold the company to ABS the next year.

So this all brings me back!

Jenny at Brain Bunnies

I just realized that one of my favorite pairs of shorts are called The Editor...hmmm...I think I may have been more than the fit that got me to buy.

Suz @ aliVe in wonnderland

I love Levi's, well, I used to love them. I have gone to the Levi store and tried on every pair they had, none of them fit right. I like Lucky jeans. "Sweet and Low" is kinda a flirty mommy cut. Good choice!

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